Scratch Lab 7

Scratch Lab Pair Programming

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Scratch Write Up

  1. What are two advantages to using blocks for code repetition?
  2. Unless your using your backback, or have a ton of code, I think it's useless. It makes it so your event code is shorter because your just using an abreviation for lots of code. If anything your doing more work. If you use your backpack, or have too much code, MAYBE it could be useful.
  3. What are parameters?
  4. Measurable factors that define a system. Like a, b, or c.
  5. Give an example of a formula that takes at least one parameter.
  6. a+b=c a=1 b=2 c=3
  7. Give an example of a situation where no parameters are needed
  8. Just look at the pair programming! It doesnt need parameters... Were just using them to make the code more "elegant."
  9. Explain what you think the following program does? How do blocks make this easier to understand? Explain what you would expect within each block.
  10. It's a lot of parameters defined by a single parameter. You know that each of the sub-parameters represents a block of code. The only event controled parameter would be "alpha order." Blocks let you know what parts of code you need to ajust if somthing is wrong, look at where that parameter is defined.