Web Development #2

Name: Payson Carpenter

Period: 7

Web Development Lab #2

Web Development Lab Overview

  1. Complete the HTML Basics II and HTML Basics III Portions of codecademy.
  2. Create a new webpage. The title of this page should be “webDevLab2.html”. This page should have the following:
  3. Don’t forget to create a link to this page so that it can be found!

Web Development Questions

  1. What is a server? How is it different than a standard computer?
    • A computer or computer program that allows multiple people to access one resource.
  2. What are the tags needed for HTML tables?
    • The "table" command lets you create a table. The commands "tr" and "td" allow you to define what the table contains.
  3. What does an iFrame allow you to do?
    • Hypertext Markup Language
What does the "a" tag do?The "a" tag allows you link something.
What does the "tr" tag do? The "tr" tag is used for creating rows.

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